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The Go Teaching Ladder was a site where people could request reviews of their games from stronger players. The GTL was created in March 1994 and its active part shut down in April 2016, 22 years and 10.000 reviews after it first opened its doors.

Thanks to all our players, reviewers, and visitors. You made the GTL amazing. Thanks for being such a great community.
We wish you all the best in go and in life.

/Arno, Matthias, Jon, and all other GTL admins past & present.

The archive will remain online for the forseeable future - enjoy.


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10000 >drgoplayer1 kyu6.5B+R2016-03-09
9999 >grimaldi8 kyu0.5W+48.52016-03-22
9998 >finity1 kyu6.5B+19.52016-03-04
9997 >Cooper4 dan6.5W+40.52016-03-19
9996 >jusi2 kyu0.5W+10.52016-03-15
9995 >Juste1 dan6.5W+5.52016-02-28
9994 >gillessed3 dan0.5W+R2016-03-18
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