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Review archive

Although we encourage you to download reviews from our archive for studying at home, please don't mirror the complete web archive by downloading single reviews! If you would like to download all reviews then use the ZIP archive instead, which provides the reviews in compressed form for easy download.

In the archive reviews are listed in the following format:

              File                   Reviewer     White  Black  Komi   Result      Date
--------------------------------  --------------  -----  -----  -----  -------  ----------
929-semelis-tibia-oc               1dan    2K     1K   6.0    B+       1999-08-27
The file name consists of four parts: review number, reviewer's name, white player's name, black player's name. By clicking on the review number you get the SGF file - the review itself. By clicking on the reviewer's name you are taken to their info page, which lists current information about them and all reviews made by that reviewer.
This is the reviewer's rating. It is given as GTL rank which is calculated based on the provided ratings from Go servers or local club ratings.
White / Black
White and Black rank. The rank used in the game is given, i.e. if the game was played on IGS these entries list the IGS ranks, if the game was played on KGS then the KGS ranks are listed and so on.
Komi lists the komi in points or the number of handicap stones. For example, a value of "5.5" means that white was given 5.5 points compensation. A value of "h3" means that this was a 3 stone handicap game.
Lists the final outcome of the game. "B+" means black won, "W+" means white won the game. Additional information may be listed - for example "B+R" means black won by resignation, "B+Time" black won by time (i.e. white ran out of time), "B+3.5" black won by 3.5 points.
Lists the date when the game was played (not when the review was made). The date is given in year-month-day (ISO) order. By clicking on the date you are taken to this month's index of reviews. Starting with review #1000 if the game date is unknown, it will list the date when the game was submitted for review instead.


The copyright of single reviews is held by the reviewers themselves. The GTL is allowed to publish these reviews on its web and ftp sites (and to pass them on under certain circumstances). Individuals may download and pass on reviews for private purposes as long as the reviews are not (substantially) modified.

If you would like to publish single reviews in a local magazine, club newspaper, or web page you have to ask the reviewer for consent.

If you would like to publish a collection of reviews then please contact us first. Basically if you publish it in digital form and if you are a non-profit organization then there is no problem. But about one quarter of our reviewers didn't give us permission to pass on their reviews to for-profit entities (companies).

Technically speaking the GTL holds the copyright of the SGF files themselves, but not of the game moves and not of the commentary made by the players/reviewers. This is because we invest substantial work in making the SGF file standards compliant and clean up various other "oddities" as well.

The backend of this site is copyrighted by Arno Hollosi (ahollosi@xmp.net). If you would like to have a peek at the inner workings or use some of it for your own site then send Arno an email. This site is backed by a mySQL database and driven by PHP scripts running on Apache web server.