Several high dan players have recommended getting your own games reviewed by stronger players as a good way to make progress. However it is not always easy to find stronger players willing to comment your games. The Go Teaching Ladder has been set up for this purpose. Volunteers in the ladder comment games made by weaker players. Anyone may submit a game for commenting by a stronger player.

The GTL is a free service, no strings attached. This is possible, because many advanced Go players are eager to teach weaker players. Actually, the advanced player benefits from teaching as well. See some quotes of our reviewers.

See how you can get your own game reviewed.

Our archive contains all reviews made so far. It contains reviews not only of standard games on 19x19 boards, but reviews of 9x9, 13x13, and handicap games as well. The strength of the players vary from absolute beginners at 30kyu to amateur dan players. Just start browsing and we are sure you will find something of interest to you.

The ladder will work best if those who get their games commented also volunteer in turn to comment on the games of weaker players. In order to volunteer as a reviewer just fill out this form.

Please read the FAQ before using the ladder or sending email to the administrator.

We can be reached at if you have any questions or comments.

Evolution of the teaching ladder

The teaching ladder was created in March 1994 by Jean-loup Gailly <> and Bill Hosken <>. The rules of the teaching ladder have evolved over time, starting with a fairly strict system of credit points, and gradually simplified in order to encourage more people to use the ladder. A new WWW interface to the teaching ladder was created in January 1996 by Arno Hollosi <>. It was hosted at IICM Institute, Graz Technical University.

In October 1999 Morten G. Pahle <> joined as maintainer. And in December 1999 Arno created this version of the GTL web site which takes advantage of all the latest bells and whistles and is driven by its own database. It was hosted at The French Go Federation. In January 2000 we reached another milestone: review #1000. In September 2002 Arno revamped the GTL website once again and we reached review #2000.

In order to handle the ever increasing popularity of the GTL three people joined the circle of GTL maintainers in January 2003: Mark Fyffe, Matthias Krings, and Corrin Lakeland.

In March 2005 we moved to a new domain ( and in September Andrew Petersen joined as maintainer.

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