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Dave Sigatey

I really have found the experience of being a reviewer for GTL a great deal of fun. I find that analyzing amateur games is a lot more interesting than professional games, mainly because I can understand more of the mistakes! The main point is the focus that it gives to the game. Somehow I take the job seriously - I feel that the players have put something valuable into my hands and that I ought to make sure that I come up with a reasonable result. I can never manage it when I try to study on my own. In addition, their concerns and questions point me in directions that I would not otherwise notice or would not spend sufficient time to really understand on my own.

Having said that, the only amateur games that I look closely at are those that come through the GTL. I think it is a great opportunity and can recommend it to everyone.

Mark Vytlacil on review #1017

I enjoyed making this review. I have not played myself for a few months and making the review made me want to play again.

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"The teaching ladder is a great tool, keep up the good work!" (Fletcher Schneeflock)
"The GTL is the best idea since igs :)" (Goran Siska)
"Keep on the good work!" (Denis Lambot)
"This is a wonderful resource." (John L. Hughes)
"Thank you very much for your work. Great!" (Juergen Stock)
"The GTL is great" (Adam Miller)