GTL reaches 2000 reviews

From: The Go Teaching Ladder <>
Organization: JeuDeGo (FFG)
Subject: GTL Weekly Newsletter
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:41:44 +0200

Review #2000

We are proud to announce that the Go Teaching Ladder has reached
review number 2000 (in words: two thousand :o)

We feel honoured to work with our volunteers who have supported
the GTL in the past and helped us reach this milestone. Without
your contribution the GTL couldn't exist - you are the heart
of this unique idea. Thank you very much!

We hope that the GTL will be equally successful in the years to
come and that it will be able to remain a valuable resource for
the Go community.

New GTL web site

Arno did some heavy hacking and revamped the design (and backend)
of the GTL web site. Have a look:
If you have comments or questions, or discover a bug, don't
hesitate to tell us.

Regulars will notice that we have changed our rating scale. From
now on all servers are treated as having an equal rating (which is
good enough an approximation for our purposes.) Note that the
full implications of this will emerge, once reviewers start
updating their ratings.

We have some more ideas up our sleeves. Watch this space for
information on new features.

Enjoy :o)
Arno & Morten

The Go Teaching Ladder,
Maintainers: Arno Hollosi, Morten Pahle, Jean-loup Gailly