GTL reaches 1000 reviews

From: The Go Teaching Ladder <>
Subject: GTL reached review #1000
Organization: JeuDeGo (FFG)
Date: 2000 Jan 26

We are proud to announce that the Go Teaching Ladder has reached
review number 1000 (in words: one thousand :o)

We would like to thank all volunteers who supported the GTL in the past.
Without your contribution the GTL couldn't exist - you are the heart
of this unique idea.

Since its invocation in 1994 many players found the GTL a valuable
resource - browsing through our archive or requesting a review of
their own game. Reviewers have invested countless hours of their
spare time to go through these games. Most of them find reviewing
very rewarding - the process of commenting other's games helps to
think more clearly about strategy, tactics, shape, etc.

Created by Jean-loup Gailly and Bill Hosken, the GTL is now maintained
by Arno Hollosi with help from Morten G. Pahle and Jean-loup as
supervisor. The GTL started out as simple list of email addresses
on FTP servers ( and the IGS Go FTP archive) and grew
ever more popular. Currently we have over 180 members volunteering to
do reviews. The rules of the Teaching Ladder have evolved over time,
starting with a fairly strict system of credit points, and gradually
simplified in order to encourage more people to use the ladder.
In 1996 Arno created a new WWW interface located at IICM and gradually
took over maintainance. Morten joined in 1999, shortly before we moved
to our current location at Jeudego (French Go Association).

We hope that the GTL will be equally successful in the years to
come and that it will be able to remain a valuable resource for
the Go community.

Thank you!

Arno, Morten, and Jean-loup
The Go Teaching Ladder <>      Maintainers: Arno Hollosi,                   Morten Pahle, Jean-loup Gailly